Asteria Aerospace

Asteria Aerospace is established with a vision to be the leading lifecycle (design-sustain) driven aerospace organization in the Indian private sector. The company aims to provide indigenously developed products and services to the global aerospace defence and civilian markets with a focus on innovation and reliability. Asteria Aerospace is headquartered in Bangalore, the aerospace hub of India. Asteria is beginning its journey with development of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and related technologies. Asteria’s aim is to provide users UAS products with advanced technological capabilities while making them intuitive and easy to use.

Asteria offers services using its UAS platform for the following applications:

  1. Wild life preservation
  2. Aerial imagery / videos for real estate, film and media
  3. Sports events videography
  4. Boundary mapping of states / forests / property
  5. Traffic monitoring
  6. Event security
  7. Event security

Asteria performs this work on a deliverable based model and works to ensure customer satisfaction in the ultimate product.

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